Google Chrome 38: Wrong Display Scaling and blurred

Today I discovered my Google Chrome was automatically updated from version 37 to version 38... don't way automatically, I don't think I decided for this. Anyway, after this updated all websites I visited was wrong scaled with a strange blurred effected on some part of the text. For example, in GMail, all was bigger than usual, like when you selec…

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Jawbone Customer Support: Jawbone UP24 replaced


I want to share with you my positive experience with the Jawbone support center (customer care) I contacted some months ago for my broken UP24 band. I bought my Jawbone UP24 this spring, during an USA trip and, just after 3 months of normal usage, I had problems with it. After a jogging session I noticed my band was turned off. I thought it was c…

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Jawbone UP 24: Review


During my 2 weeks trip to NYC I decided to buy the new Jawbone UP 24 (I already tested in the past the first version of this band) to monitor my activities during the vacation. The main difference with the first version is the constant connection, via bluetooth, to the telephone (no more connection with audio jack needed!); this means you can con…

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