Or, in other words, "when someone really love Apple and became blind"!
Reading this article I noticed that sometimes people talk without connecting the brain. Apple produce only 2 proprietary phone connectors in the latest 10 years, and Samsung hundreds.

Yes, that's true, but: how many phones produced Samsung in 10 years, and how many Apple?

You can check easily looking these pages:

Samsun: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung-phones-9.php
Apple: Do you really need a page to count the Apple iPhones?

Samsung 18 adapters and 809 phones: 2,22%
Apple 2 adapters 7 phones: 28,5%

Yes, Apple can change adapter but it's not necessary to talk about it as the event of the year and attack anyone saying that Apple changes to a proprietary connector and not to a standard. That's true!! Other companies are converging to the same connector (the micro usb) Apple prefers the proprietary one. You know Apple (yes you know!!) in Europe you should use the standard!


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