Personalize your bash with GIT/SVN and colors

If you work everyday on a Linux shell and need to manage projects on GIT or SVN code control systems, could be useful to get informations about them directly on your bash. You can easily do that with some changes into /etc/bashrc file of your Linux. Go to the end of that file and add the followings lines: parse_git_branch() { git branch 2>…

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Install Gitweb on your host


Today we will see how to install gitweb on our (shared) host (I'm always talking about host because all the tests are done on my shared host service, always Bluehost ;), most of all because if you want to install a service like this, on your personal server you can simply install it by RPM/DEB package). The big problem is where I can find gitweb? D…

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Create Git repository on shared host

After the installation of git on my bluehost account I tried to figure out a good way to create and access to my git repository. Even if I thought the Apache bridge was the best way to access to git files, I found that on bluehost, the best and fastest way is directly using the ssh protocol. So here explained the method I choose to create and use …

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