I updated my Ghost blog theme adding a JQuery Cookie Bar plugin.

The idea is to allow, in a simply way, to shown a informative cookie bar for the customers (as in Europe is mandatory).

With this update you can simply activate and configure the CookieBar from the Ghost Code Injection section into the admin area.

Putting the cookieBarSettings variable will activate the cookie bar with the defined settings.
Looking ok the cookieBar main page, all the available properties are:

var cookieBarSettings = {
  message: 'We use cookies to track usage and      preferences',
  acceptButton: true,
  acceptText: 'I Understand',
  acceptFunction: null,
  declineButton: false,
  declineText: 'Disable Cookies',
  declineFunction: null,
  policyButton: true,
  policyText: 'Privacy Policy',
  policyURL: '/privacy-policy/',
  autoEnable: true,
  acceptOnContinue: false,
  acceptOnScroll: false,
  acceptAnyClick: false,
  expireDays: 365,
  renewOnVisit: false,
  forceShow: false,
  effect: 'slide',
  element: 'body',
  append: false,
  fixed: false,
  bottom: false,
  zindex: '',
  domain: 'www.example.com',
  referrer: 'www.example.com'

In case you will allow users to answer "I don't want cookies" the Google Analytics tracking (if you are using it) will be disabled for that specific user.