Today I discovered my Google Chrome was automatically updated from version 37 to version 38... don't way automatically, I don't think I decided for this.
Anyway, after this updated all websites I visited was wrong scaled with a strange blurred effected on some part of the text.
For example, in GMail, all was bigger than usual, like when you select 125% scaling and when I try to write into the Hangout window, the text was blurred and impossible to read.
I spent half of my day just trying to fix this problem and, because I've already have it in a previous version I was using in Linux, I already know it was a Chrome problem.

To check the real problem I just check on a page I've created some years ago (, to get the screen resolution from the browser.

NOTE: On my laptop I've a 1920x1080 screen.

Chrome 38
Chrome 38

What??? 1536x864 But... WHY??

I then tested some others browser (some = the browsers you can imagine)

IE (yes IE too)

Ok... it's a strange number... but it's IE. Anyway, the screen resolution is more similar to the normal one I had before.


Firefox has the same problem than Chrome... but, at least, all is correctly displayed at this resolution. You don't have blur effect which make impossible to use it.

I made a test to the Chrome's beta version; just because I didn't want to get back to the previous one if I cannot control the automatic update.

Chrome 39

Yes... that is good and it is the value I had with the previous version.

I spent a day to get back to a correct screen resolution in my browser and to prevent blur effect to be able to use it!!

Why anytime Google releases a new Chrome's stable version there's anything that wasn't correctly tested?

If you want to fix this problem... just change the chrome version without lose your time.