Jawbone Customer Support: Jawbone UP24 replaced

I want to share with you my positive experience with the Jawbone support center (customer care) I contacted some months ago for my broken UP24 band.

I bought my Jawbone UP24 this spring, during an USA trip and, just after 3 months of normal usage, I had problems with it. After a jogging session I noticed my band was turned off. I thought it was completely discharged (even if I was sure it wasn't) and I then try to charge it up but... when I linked the band with the official USB cable, nothing happened. It was impossible to charge it up. I then try to restart it up and check where was problem, and after a while pressing the (only) button the band started up, little light blink night/day, two vibrations and... nothing more. After many tests I decided to contact the Jawbone support: I received a really fast response (just 1 hour after request) with a sort of automatic message containing the soft and hard reset instructions:

Hi Marco,

I hope this email finds you well. Thanks for contacting Jawbone Customer Care. I’m sorry to hear your UP24 isn’t performing the way it should, but I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue you’ve experienced.

Based on the information you’ve provided, I’d like to try a hard reset. This process returns your UP24 band to original factory settings. This reset will erase your current band data (all of your previously synced data is safe in the cloud).

To hard reset your band, please follow these steps:

Press the button on your band 10 times. Try to pace the presses at about about one press every second.

On the 10th press, PRESS + HOLD the button for 15 FULL SECONDS, or until the sun status light appears. Once you see the light, let go of the button.

Launch the UP app. The band should sync automatically with the app. If the band does not sync automatically, press the button to trigger a sync.

Completing this reset should resolve the issues you’re experiencing with the band. Please reply here or give us a call if the difficulties persist. Your ticket number for this contact is 1887063

Ok I give another test following this, but I've already found these instructions on the net and didn't worked for me. I think with all my tests I completely discharged my band and, due to the impossibility to charge it up, I cannot wen ahead with tests.

I then rewrite a response message pointing out my problems and, without asking anything more, they propose me to change the band with a new one. Just using the band serial number the support already had information about the band size and color. I just need to confirm the ship address to receive it with the instructions to send back my band (I send it back after I received the new one!)

I was really impressed by the incredibly efficient Jawbone support: I think it is the first support center which didn't try to find a way to not to change the broken material.

I have the new Jawbone UP24 since 3 months and, right now, all is ok. No wrong: all is better due to the new firmware which doubles the band's battery life! :)