Galaxy Note 2 - Bluetooth frequently disconnects


I spent some time looking around to an annoying bluetooth problem on my Android device: bluetooth devices (smartwatch, handfree in my car, ...) frequently disconnect making them inusables. At the beginning I thought the problem was the custom rom I was using. So I try some others roms and I switched back to the Note2 stock rom but problem was sti…

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LG Watch R Review

After two weeks with my new LG Watch R smartwatch I can finally make a little review about it. I preferred to use it a little bit because I wasn't really convincend about the real need of a smartwatch. Installation/First Usage The Android wear watch is really simple to use and pair with your smartphone: naturally you need an Android phone with the…

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Jawbone UP 24: Review


During my 2 weeks trip to NYC I decided to buy the new Jawbone UP 24 (I already tested in the past the first version of this band) to monitor my activities during the vacation. The main difference with the first version is the constant connection, via bluetooth, to the telephone (no more connection with audio jack needed!); this means you can con…

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