Hurricane ROM - short review before changing it (again)

After a week testing the Hurricane v6 ROM on my Galaxy Note 2, I decided to make a test to the official Samsung 4.3 rom for my phablet, that meanwhile was sorted out. With the custom Hurricane ROM, even if it worked well, I found some annoying bugs that led me to change the Rom once again, for the official one. Here a short list of things I didn't like on the custom Hurricane ROM:

  • applications crashes: sometimes applications crashes without any real reason. I have no memory problem, I can't see anything on the logcat, but sometimes nothing worked. To resolve this problem, the only solution I found was to reboot the phone.
  • google account lost: occasionally, and inexplicably, the phone lost the connection with google account. To correctly use it again it was necessary to enter the credentials and wait for the complete synchronization (contacts, mail, google+, ...). Lot of time lose for nothing!
  • phone call crashes: I think is linked with the applications crashes, but two times (in a week) the phone application crashes during a phone call. Not exactly a good thing for a device you use mainly to make phone calls ;)
As you can see there was not many problems on the ROM, but I didn't like these little things. Anyway, if you want to have Note 3 functions (such as Air Command) you should use a custom ROM, like this one, because Samsung did not integrate all Note 3 functions in the official ROM. In this case, the Hurricane ROM is maybe the best one for your note 2.