Jawbone UP 24: Review


During my 2 weeks trip to NYC I decided to buy the new Jawbone UP 24 (I already tested in the past the first version of this band) to monitor my activities during the vacation. The main difference with the first version is the constant connection, via bluetooth, to the telephone (no more connection with audio jack needed!); this means you can constantly check your progresses without removing your band.

If you don't know it, Jawbone UP / UP 24 is an activity monitor system. You can monitor your day movements (number of steps) or your night sleep. You simply have to wear the band, choose your modality (day/night) and that's all.

###Installation The first thing you need to do before the UP usage, is the download of the app (iOS/Android applications available), connect the band with the application, create an UP account and choose your personal information (weight, height, ...). These information are then uploaded to the UP band (for the 24 version, via bluetooth, otherwise you need to connect the band to the audio jack of your smartphone).

UP Settings

Into the settings page you can then select all other settings for your band:

  • inactivity alarm
  • morning wake-up calls
  • activities notifies

All these settings must be uploaded to the band after changes.

###Usage The use of the band, after the initial settings, is really simple: you have nothing to do, just wear it and change modality when needed. To change modality (sleep/day) you can use the button on the band that means you don't need an external device to use it... BUT, if you need to check any information, a device (Android/iOS) is required. On the band you just have a led showing the set mode.

All information are then automatically upload to your phone, and in the UP application you can check your progress

UP Progress

The day progress show your number of steps with a graph indicating when, during your activity, you were more active:

Day Activity

The night activity show information about: how long did it take you to fall asleep, deep sleep time, light sleep, if you woke up during the night, ...

Night Activity

That is, in my opition, the interesting part of this band: the sleep monitoring allow you to check way are you tired in the morning, even if you think you have to sleep a lot :) If you set an wakeup alarm, the band check the best time to wake you up checking your sleep activity and the time of your alarm. In the alarm settings you can set the wakeup time and and delta time. For example: wakeup 7AM o'clock, delta 20 minutes, means Jawbone check your activity starting at 6:40 and ending at 7:20. If you are in a light sleeping and you are already in movement, UP vibrate to wake you up. If you are in a deep sleep period UP let you sleep until 20 minute past your alarm. Great, isn't it? :D

###Connection You can connect your Jawbone UP account to other services and share your progresses.

Other Accounts

Is just a way to centralise your activities and calories burned or acquired.

###Conclusion It's an interesting device that helps you tracking your everyday activity and help you to stay in motion (any allarm is a vibration). If during your everyday working activity your are sitting at a desk, like me, UP remeber you that you when it's time to get a pause and move a little bit (I set 45 minutes of inactivity).

It's a good wakeup alarm: anytime it vibrates in the morning I open my eyes and wakeup without problems (almost any day... sometimes children wake me up before :P)

I'm not sure about the band longevity (my wife used the UP 3 weeks). I think if you really want to track your activities and stay in motion, UP could be your best friend; if you just want a gadget maybe you will use it some days and then... in a tray