Disqus and Content Security Policy

A little documentation allowing you to add the Content Security Policy and allowing Disqus to work properly.

To have a secured website, as it is proposed by DareBoost if you make an analysis, you have to add some HTTP Headers with security policies. One if this Header is the Content Security Policy (CSP) which allow you to block scripts, styles, medias, ... coming from an unknown website. It is up to you to say to the reading browser if it should execute a script (or anything else) or not both for an external or internal/inline.

If you are using Disqus on your website, to allow the access to all the Disqus resources you have some url to configure here:

I suggest the wildcards (the '*' character) because the CDN can change based on where you located and accessing the website and then because you have activated Disqus with the sub-domain associated to your account.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="default-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' www.google-analytics.com https://code.jquery.com https://disqus.com https://*.disqus.com https://*.disquscdn.com https://*.cloudinary.com http://www.gravatar.com;">

Even with this configuration you should have an error on your browser: q29zhsjlb0oor3r5js7q

This is raised out because the Disqus script is trying to make a javascript eval of a string retrieved from "do-not-where". And, as you may know, it is really dangerous to execute an eval of a variable coming from outside your script !

I make a little search on the NET and I found this one year old discussion


It seems the problem was already identified and they planned to removed the associated code (but after 1 year is still there). In any case it seems related to a (maybe) useless feature: This file is for link affiliation on your page.


So actually I think we can keep the website secured and ignore the error raised by Disqus, which is working properly even with this error.