Logio Puppet Modules: automatic installation

I created a puppet module allowing you to automatically install logio server and/or harvester (logio client).


As you can see into the readme file, the usage of this module is really simple.

Server installation

To install the server you just need to include on your node definition the module ''logio::server''. With an external node yaml classifier, for example, the configuration should be:


Harvester (client) installation

To install a client you have the ''logio::harvester'' module. You can simply add this module on your node definition, with the server parameter poiting to your logio server ip address:


Add Logs and/or Streams

To add a new log for your servers you can modify the templates ''templates/harvester.conf.erb''. You can simply add a new log file path to the default stream (system) or create a new stream with logs for it. Here for example a templates including apache logs:

exports.config = {
nodeName: "<%= fqdn %>",
  logStreams: {
    system: [
    apache: [
  server: {
    host: '<%= logio_server %>',
    port: 28777

You can then simply access to your installed logio server, pointing your browser to:


where logio.ip.address the the machine's address or dnsname of your logio server. All harvester will then send new logs with a socket connection to your browser.